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Driftess Australian Shepherd Policies

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Like any big decision, we hope that a lot of research into the Australian Shepherd has led you to decide they are the breed for you and brought you to our page! We want all of our puppies to go to loving, lifelong homes that are prepared to meet their needs. If you have questions, just ask! If you think we may be the breeder for you, we do have a few policies that are covered below.

Our puppies normally range in price from $2000-$2500 and deposits are $500 to reserve your puppy until they pass their 8-week veterinary inspection and are ready to go home. The deposit amount goes toward the overall cost of the puppy which is due at pick up. Sales tax is also applied to the final purchase price. We do have a pre-deposit list that chooses in order from the available puppies before they are offered to the public. Available puppies are puppies we have not chosen to retain to our program or place in another breeding program. If you would like to more information, please contact me to get the latest information. We do reserve the right not to sell to anyone we feel may not be a good match for our puppies.

We take our puppy’s lifetime health seriously. As the new owner of this puppy, you need to do the best you can to keep your companion healthy. They must see your chosen veterinarian with in 48 hours of pick-up to be inspected for any issues. We do NOT guarantee against parvo after 36hrs from when they leave our protective care. DO NOT take your puppy into dog heavy public areas until they have been fully vaccinated at 16 weeks. Doing so is at your own risk, one vaccine they receive from us at 7-8 weeks is not enough yet to provide adequate protection from deadly parvo. Please do not risk your puppy's life.


You should provide a quality 26-28% protein, 16-20% fat food over the first year of life. We DO NOT recommend grain free formulas as they have been linked to taurine deficient DCM. The protein/fat ratio is much more important than a fancy ingredient list. You need to have a licensed veterinarian ensure that your puppy receives all recommend vaccinations (including boosters), scheduled de-worming, and rabies vaccinations. If that recommended protocol is not followed, all guarantees are void. Please take care of your puppy's medical needs. These first few months set the stage for a lifetime.

I cannot make any health guarantee regarding the puppy due to accidental death, sickness, abuse, environmental factors or other loss/injury once the puppy has left my care. I also cannot guarantee adult size, coat color, eye color, or temperament though a best effort will be made on my part.

At no time should one of our puppies be given to an animal shelter. We always welcome our puppies back if their new homes do not work out. No questions asked. All of our puppies are sold as pets even though they may be show or breeding quality. No breeding rights are granted unless discussed beforehand and all of our puppies are registered with the AKC, ASDR or may be both. It is required that you have Driftless in front of whichever name you choose for your puppy on the registration papers. Ex. Driftless Fluffy 

Vaccine Schedule:

5 weeks: Neopar

7 weeks : DHLPP (5 way)

12 weeks: DHLPP (5 way)

16 weeks: DHLPP (5 way)

**Your puppy is now fully protected and may venture out more safely! **

16 weeks: Rabies vaccine

 DHPP/ Rabies vaccine should be repeated annually unless otherwise recommended by your vet.

Our puppies come with a contract and a 1-year genetic health guarantee against hereditary defects. We also guarantee our puppies for life against Degenerative Myopathy regardless of genetic status. Our puppies like all Australian Shepherds should be treated as a drug sensitive breed and simple alternative choices be made in medications. We do not place any faith in MDR1 gene status to assess risk or "clear" any Australian Shepherd of this sensitivity! We believe it is better to be safe than sorry and it is so easy to manage. It is as simple as choosing a different antibiotic if your child is allergic amoxicillin. 


If you purchase a puppy from our program, you are agreeing to the conditions in our guarantee whether or not you agree to sign a physical document. So please, take the time to go through the short contract. We reserve the right to completely refund and not sell to anyone we feel may not be a good match for our puppies at any time. Our puppies are our main priority.

A printable copy of our limited registration contract can be found in the Word Document icon below. Contracts for puppies sold as breeding prospects are slightly different and will be given to those individuals privately. I am happy to discuss our contract in depth at any time!


Driftless Australian Shepherds Limited Registration Contract

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