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 Pre-deposit Wait List
**Current list at the bottom of the page**
If you want to get on to our waiting list, we require a $500 deposit. The deposit is 100% refundable at anytime until you choose your puppy. This pre-deposit list simply helps us keep a current list of interested families. Families will make their reservations when the puppies are 6-7 weeks old in order of deposit received.  Our puppies do not leave to go to their new homes until they are 8 weeks old.  Once you choose your puppy to reserve, your pre-deposit becomes your official deposit.  Please include your name, address and phone number to accompany the predeposit record in an email to us after at Being on our wait list is highly recommended as we normally run a 3 month wait from deposit placement to taking a puppy home, especially if you are particular on a coat color or cross. Please contact us with any questions!

Place your pre-deposit though Venmo


 Expectations and Pick Day!
Once you have placed a pre-deposit you are officially in line! You will only move up the list as families in front of you choose their puppies or otherwise step out of line. You are also never forced to choose any puppy offered to you! You are welcome to pass and wait for the next litter as long as you like until the perfect puppy comes up. You are not penalized in any way, you only move up the list while you wait. We do our very best to keep our families updated with what is coming up.

We will list the date the 6/7 week picture update will occur and the exact day families will be able to choose to reserve their puppy from each litter when we place them on the website. Puppies do not leave until 2 weeks later at minimum. We do expect our families to pay attention to these dates! Please look at these dates as you are planning out your weekends especially if that means you will be in an area with poor service. You are welcome to reach out anytime to see where you are on the list or touch base to see if you are likely to come up as being able to reserve a puppy on that Pick Day. We have our set method in order to keep everything as fair as possible as everyone is super excited to hear if they will have a chance when pick day roles around! We try to be reasonable with waiting for a response but also understand we can't wait all day to hear back from each family either! So here is what you can expect when you are on our wait list: 
When we reach your name on the list, we will send a text to the number listed with your record. At that time we will wait 2 hours to hear back from you and if we don't get some sort of a response, then we will move to the next family in line. You will not lose your spot, it will just be treated as a pass and you will continue to move up the list until the next pick day! We understand things come up and certainly do not hold a pass against our families at all! We know life can get busy in a hurry. We just ask for your understanding if we do have to assign a pass so that we can attend to our other waiting families.  Feel to reach out any time with questions, we do our very best to be prompt with our responses and are more than happy to chat! We will discuss at whatever length your desires and do our utmost to be sure your puppy is a perfect fit. <3

**** OUR WAIT LIST****

 Our waitlist changes frequently! Please contact me with any questions.

Full Registration 

  1. Wrig

  2. 4Sea

  3. Voro

  4. Salu

Pet/Limited Registration​​​

  1. Helm 

  2. Youn

  3. Verr 

  4. Helw

  5. Diet 

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